Monday, June 23, 2008

We Have a Contract!

We have been house hunting for the past 5 months and after a month-long negotiation, we now have a contract on a house! We are moving out to the country. It's only about 10 miles or so from here, to the east. The house is only 9 years old and the layout is very similar to ours. The dining area is bigger (yay!), which was the main thing we didn't like about this house. The best part is it sits on almost 8 acres! About half of it is fenced off (they had horses) in a couple different sections. There is a big machine shed (Dan likes that!). Between our new place and the neighbor's property there is a woodsy, hilly area with a small pond. And as for neighbors, there are really only 2 houses that are within view. It will sure be different.

So, if everything works out, we will be moving soon! Yikes! Packing and moving with 4 little ones will be interesting, to say the least.

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