Monday, August 24, 2015

The Second Week of June

One morning in the second week of June, we went to the Great Plains Nature Center in Wichita, where Catherine, Dominic, and Anne took a class on Orienteering.  They liked the class, learning to use maps and compasses.  Part of the class was inside and part was outside, where they got to do a scavenger hunt using what they had learned.  While they were in class, Anthony, Joseph, and I went for a long hike on the trails.

Turkey statues.
Off we go!

The boys loved going over the bridges.

A side trail off into the woods.

Taking a short rest.

Rock climbing was a must.

Also that second week of June, the girls had four afternoon sessions of a volleyball clinic at the YMCA.  They had a great time working on their skills and meeting some new girls.  The boys, meanwhile, got their turn going to the outside pool.

Catherine prepared... spike it!

There goes Anne!

Over a couple of days, the very large field of wheat across the road from the side of our property was harvested.  One afternoon they were working very close and the kids all went to watch.
The harvester was dumping its load into the big truck.

Another combine got in line to empty its load of wheat.

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