Friday, August 7, 2015

Joseph's Birthday

Later in May, we celebrated Joseph's 8th birthday!  It was a Saturday, which was fun since Daddy was home.
In the morning, Joseph and I decorated his cake: race car track with sour patch kids as the audience.

After the girls' volleyball game, we went to the arcade for Joseph's birthday fun with Daddy.

Joseph loved it.

He is definitely not ready to drive anytime soon!

Popcorn and pop break back at home.  Yum!

An arrow holder.

He got new arrows as well, and demonstrated how it works.

Our little Robin Hood.

Who's ready for some kickball?

Catherine made Joseph a little froggy.

Anne made Joseph a bookmark with his initials on it.

Ideas for Lego creations.

Time for some cake!

Happy birthday to Joseph!

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