Monday, September 15, 2014

Pictures From Dominic and Anne's Birthday

Nine years old!

Anne with her horse cake.

Dominic chose a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, with chocolate sprinkles and chocolate and white chips on top.

Cake after a Pad Thai lunch.

Anne with her much longed-for unicorn Dream Lite.

Dominic got a new watch.

New binoculars to go bird-watching.

A helmet for backyard baseball.

A sewing kit of her very own!

Remote-control helicopter, just what he always wanted.

Friendship bracelet-making kit.

Baseball pitchback net.

Anne got right to work sewing up a hole in one of her stuffed animals.

Grandma with the twins.

Grandma and Uncle Joe were here for the weekend, so they got to join in on the birthday fun.

In the afternoon, Daddy took the twins to ride Go-Karts.

Dominic on blue, Anne on green.

This time Dom on green, Anne behind.

They loved it.

Then came some fun at the arcade.  They had a great birthday!

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