Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Grandparents, Cousins, and a Horse

In the middle of July, we visited my parents for the weekend.
Early birthday present for Anne.

And for Dominic.

Lined up to look in the hanging plant...

...where there was a nest of baby birds.

Anthony played with a toy I played with when I was a kid.

My sister and her family came over on Saturday afternoon.  And brought my sister's horse, Chris!  Our kids, especially the girls, were very excited.

Chris was let out to stretch his legs and do a little grazing.

Anne on the horse with her cousin Clara.

Look at that happy face!

Now Anthony and Anne on the grazing horse.

Before they could actually ride, the kids all helped to brush the horse.

Chris is a very good, gentle horse.

Dominic got a turn.

Time to clean out his horseshoes.

Anthony was not scared of the horse at all.

Aunt Beth taught the kids just how to do it.

Catherine's turn.

Anthony wanted to ride!

To be continued!

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