Thursday, September 27, 2012

Travels To Branson - Day Two

On our first full day in Branson, it was supposed to get hot that day, so in the morning we went to an area with different nature trails while it was still cooler.  We chose the 1.1 mile trail.  Here are the kids at the lookout before our little hike:
Of course, Anthony had to immediately try to hoist himself up onto the railing!

Off we went down the trail, the boys leading the way.

Happy face for now.

After a few falls, Anthony ended up doing a lot of this.  Daddy got a workout!

We checked the map to make sure we went the right way.

At another lookout.  Anne was hoping to see lots of animals.

Tried to get another picture of the kids.

Now if Daddy gets in the picture, it's a lot easier!

The trail got very rocky in spots.

Time for a break.

Mommy made it into a picture.

Besides this creepy-crawly, we saw some salamanders (they all got away too fast for a picture) and a few squirrels.

A little off-trail exploring.

I have to say, that 1.1 miles seemed much longer than we thought 1.1 miles should be.   However, it was fun to get out and see some natural scenery. 

Day Two, to be continued!

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