Friday, September 7, 2012

My First Tiling Experience

Dan has tiled things before, in fact, at our previous house, he tiled the walls and floor of an entire bathroom!  I have seen him doing some of it before, but I personally had never tiled anything.  One weekend, there was a mishap with our coffee table, and it was discovered that the Italian marble tiles were no longer attached to the table.  Since some of them were broken, we decided to retile the whole thing.  This time, I got to help, and here is the proof. :)

After planning the tile pattern and spacing, and putting on the blue tape, we applied the tile adhesive.

The tiles were carefully placed on the adhesive, and the spacers inserted.

Everything was then left to dry.  I'm sure you can guess we did this job in the evening after the kids went to bed!

 A closer look at the pattern.  I especially like the fancy ones.

Dan applied the grout.

The kids got to watch this time.

Just about done!

The finished tile job! 

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