Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our First Christmas Trip

We went up near KC to visit my parents the weekend before Christmas.  Here is Anthony, in his car seat, smiling!  We actually did not have to stop at all on the way there or back, which is a first.  A minor miracle, I should say.

I have to mention this game that Catherine got.  It's called Double Shutter and it alone is responsible for Catherine immensely improving her addition skills over Christmas break.  It is actually fun for adults to play, too, and could almost be addicting.

My mom had not been well, and so the kids got to decorate Grandma and Grandpa's Christmas tree(with a little help from me).  They thought that was great! 

Anthony kept busy (very, very busy) walking along the furniture, grabbing things he wasn't supposed to, and playing with toys.  Sometimes, even in the toy box!

Of course, there were presents to open, which then required all adults to simultaneously wrestle with toys nearly impossible to open.  I know we needed a scissors, but I don't think we had to use a screwdriver this time.   

Joseph and his cousin, Isabella, who are both three.

Catherine and her godmother, my sister Beth.

Anthony watches his "twin," Clara, who is only 2 weeks younger than he is. 
 We had a wonderful time and, as usual, it went too fast.  Next time I'll have to try to remember to get a picture of all the cousins who are there.

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