Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Anthony Turned 10 Months Old!

On Sunday, Anthony turned 10 months old.  This picture shows what he does while we are doing schoolwork.  He crawls/toddles around the kitchen and living room making a big mess.  Of course this happens when he is happy.  If he is not happy, then we are in trouble.

Here is what Anthony likes to do while I am making dinner.  He rotates amongst the various cabinets and drawers that he is able to open and pulls everything out. 

Yes, those are onions on the floor and yes, he is standing on a cooling rack.  Such a busy little guy is he.

His other favorite activity has been learning how to walk.  It is so funny when he does this to Catherine and walks along behind her.  He can walk about 10 steps or so.  He walks between the furniture and between people, but not yet from room to room. 

The kids think it is so funny when they see Anthony kneeling. 

Anthony is a funny baby.  He'll crawl on top of the kids when they are on the floor, which makes them laugh (as long as there is no biting involved!).  He tries to talk to us, and he cheers loudly whenever the kids do.  One day at dinner, when Dan was lecturing the kids about something they were not supposed to be doing, Anthony blew a big raspberry out of the blue and that effectively ended the lecture. 

This picture was taken on Sunday and it was his first time out in the snow.  He loved it!

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