Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving At Our House

What could be better than sitting around after breakfast, drinking cappuchinos?  (Mostly froth, however!)

Maybe watching Daddy manhandle the turkey.

Or ripping up the bread for the dressing.

Or later getting to watch a movie while smelling all the wonderful smells coming out of the kitchen.

Or maybe, just maybe it was finally getting to eat all the yummy food.
 Happy Thanksgiving, only one week late!  I must say in my defense, though, that we have had someone sick in the house nearly the entire time.  Yesterday was our lone good day, as now Anthony is sick again, this time with croup.  I think I'll be asking for sleep for Christmas. 

1 comment:

Kansas Mom said...

Me, too! Poor Anthony.

Perhaps we should ask for an extra day. You know, like December 13 1/2, when everyone else is frozen and we can sleep, wrap presents and clean the house.