Monday, December 13, 2010

Pictures From Catherine's Birthday

Catherine wanted the same cake as last year, so we checked out the cake pan from our library.  I finished decorating it holding Anthony in one arm, wielding the decorating bag with the opposite hand.  He stuck his fingers in the cake a couple of times, but I covered it up.  Just don't look too close.

I think this was the first time really that I decorated using bags and tips while the kids were awake, so they were very excited, especially when I handed over the bags afterward and let them practice (and eat!).

Our Catherine, big girl at 7 years old!

Catherine opened a few presents while the other kids watched closely.  She was obviously a little excited.

Anthony loved the paper.

Catherine got right to work with one of her gifts.

This post is a couple weeks overdue, but we've been a little busy around here.


Kansas Mom said...

That cake looks wonderful! I hope Catherine (and everyone else) enjoyed it!

I have a feeling First Son's birthday pictures are going to be a little late, too. I'm just hoping they get up before Christmas.

House of Brungardt said...

Thanks, Kansas Mom!

I always figure, better late than never!