Thursday, July 23, 2009

Small Successes - 27

1) I have taken the kids to the zoo three times in the past few weeks. We hadn't been there since sometime last summer, well really the last time was when we still lived at the old house, so it's been about a year. Each time we went with a different set of friends and we had a blast every time! Have I blogged about it yet? Nope. Been too busy.

2) I saw a snake close to the sidewalk in the front of the house and my heart didn't even start racing. Granted, it was only a garter snake, but still, I'm not exactly a fan of seeing snakes in the yard!

3) I made my first batch of salsa for this year. All the peppers and tomatoes were from the garden. The onions would have been too, but I forgot to put them in! Oops. That's okay though, it was still good. We ate some with chips, and we put some on our fajitas, which contained strips of sauteed squash and zucchini (also from the garden), along with the meat and cheese. Yum! Soon, I need to do a post about all the great produce we've been getting from the garden.

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1 comment:

ViolinMama said...

yes! I'd love to see all you've planted! Sounds like a great week! Congrats!