Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This past weekend Dan finished all of his skunkproofing so hopefully nothing can get into that den under the front porch. All along one side of the sidewalk, Dan pounded in rebar. They go 18 inches down and are placed about one every inch.

Then on the other side of the sidewalk, Dan dug a little trench and braced it for some cement. Nothing is planted too close to the edge of the walk so he could do that on this side. While digging he pulled out the wire fencing that had been placed there by a previous owner. All rusted out with lots of holes, so it was obviously no longer effective.

After he mixed the cement, he poured it into the trench...

...and then smoothed it out.
The kids come over to inspect his work:

Catherine watches while Dan pounds some rebar in to reinforce the cement.
After it was all dried, Dan put dirt over the cement and sloped it appropriately and now you can't even tell.

And here is the other side:
Cost of mothballs: $5
Cost of rebar: $180
Cost of cement: $10
Knowing that those skunks(or other critters) can't get back in there: Priceless!
Hopefully this is the last skunk post ever!


Kansas Mom said...

Kansas Dad has been catching a skunk just about every night this week. We assume it's the same one that just keeps coming back for a snack and to hang out in the trap.

Until today. After releasing the trap, Kansas Dad took a couple of shots at it and it'll be taking a trip to the dump with our trash tomorrow morning.

House of Brungardt said...

Boy, I would be afraid to release a trap with a skunk in it! Ours seem to have moved on. Dan hasn't seen them at all in the evenings.

Kansas Mom said...

Kansas Dad has become a bit of an expert in releasing skunks without getting sprayed. He jokes he could make a job out of it if we needed some extra money.