Thursday, June 18, 2015

Joseph Made His First Holy Communion!

On April 19th, Joseph made his First Holy Communion.  He was so excited and ready, and even though the weather wasn't the greatest, he had a big scratch on his nose and poison ivy on his arm, it was a wonderful day!
At the time he was 7 years old.

Such a handsome little man.

Waiting to go to the 2:00 Mass.

Look at that face!

It had been raining a lot, so it was very sloppy outside.

Joseph and his cakes.

Ready to get in the procession line.

After Mass, with Fr. Jack, who gave him his First Communion.

Ornery photo bomber!

Joseph and Grandma Brungardt.

With Grandpa and Grandma Klingele.

All comfy for the party with his godmother, Aunt Laurie.

Time to eat the delicious dinner made by Uncle Al.

He opened a lot of special gifts.

This was definitely the most creative gift: a homemade crucifix made for him by his sister, Anne!

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