Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Pics From Anthony's Birthday

This year, Anthony's birthday in mid-March seemed to last about 5 days, which I guess was appropriate since he turned five!

Anthony got a package from his godmother a few days early.

He was very excited!

He proudly showed off all of his loot.

Two days early, Anthony got to open a present from us and we all played badminton the same day. He got pretty good at it in just that one day!

Since his birthday was on a Monday, Daddy took him (and his choice of companion) out for go-carts and video games on Sunday afternoon.

Joseph and Anthony had a great time!

Finally! It was the actual day of his birthday.

Anne sewed a little birdie for Anthony.

He loved it!

Grandma and Grandpa Klingele came for the day.

They brought him a cool remote-control dinosaur...

...and a charades game.

The kids all had fun playing charades.

A present from Catherine.

A snowflake mobile, all of her own creation.  He now has this hanging next to his bed.

Joseph gave Anthony some of his treasures.

Grandma played Dominoes with the kids.

Grandma, Grandpa, and the birthday boy.

New baseballs.

Candy and a race car from Dominic.

Dominic got a monster hug!

Anthony was thrilled with his new hoe from Mommy and Daddy.

He got right to work.  You can also see his new wheelbarrow, which has already gotten much use, as he loves to help Daddy in the garden.

Anthony chose this dinosaur cake. 

When I was getting out the candles, he spotted two heart-shaped decorations, which he proceeded to put right under the eyes.

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