Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Morning in Victoria

On the morning after the wedding of Dan's niece, we were able to relax for a while.  We had to leave late morning to get back for a First Holy Communion Mass, but before that, Dan took Anthony and Dominic out to the Sand Plum Nature Trail. 
Here comes Anthony.

He's doing the Log Carry!

That should burn off some energy.

Dominic's turn.

Hmm, I could put these skills to use at our house!

Off the trail tree-climbing.

A stop to look at some baby bunnies.

A beautiful morning.  In the back you can see the twin towers of St. Fidelis Basilica.

When the boys got back, we all wished Grandma a happy birthday!

Can't go wrong with a box of chocolate!

A stop at the cemetery for a prayer at Grandpa's grave.

Anthony was wiped out for the ride home!

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