Monday, April 21, 2014

Time With Fr. Brian

In the middle of March, the girls and I drove up to my parents' house on a Friday evening to visit with my brother, Fr. Brian.  As you may recall, he is currently serving as a chaplain in the Air Force.  Last July through January, he was deployed to Qatar, and I had not had the chance to see him since he got back to his home base in Omaha.  Not long after he came back from Qatar, he received new orders:  he was being moved to Germany and he was to report there April 1st.  So I was glad the girls and I were able to see him before he left.  

Fr. Brian with Catherine and Anne. 

On Saturday, we had a big meal together.  All of my siblings and their families were there.

While the bigger kids went off exploring, the little girls got Fr. Brian to play with them.

I found out they were playing "Zombie."

Run, girls, run!

My little niece, Elizabeth.

Taking refuge from the "zombie" in our truck.

My sister, Beth, and my mom.

My goddaughter, Emily.

Elizabeth, Emily, and Clara.

Game over, the girls went to play on the see-saw.

My siblings and me.

Back:  Eric and Fr. Brian;  Front: Heidi, me, and Beth

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