Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy Birthday, Anthony!

Today Anthony turns 4!  It's hard to believe he is that old already.  He is very ornery, but also so funny and sweet.  He loves rice, noodles, superheroes, and numbers.  He will sit with a book for a long time, flipping through the pages and counting the numbers.  He was recently excited to discover a book that goes to 1000, and yes, it was the phone book!  He loves to play outside with his brothers and sisters, and always wants to do some work with Daddy. 

Anthony with his tower.

Anthony thought the cat might want want to read about Iron Man.

Looks like the cat was interested!

One day I told the kids to put on two shirts before they bundled up to play in the snow, and Anthony went and put on 8 shirts.

A picture from last weekend.  Anthony loved the new baby chicks.

Happy Birthday to our Anthony!

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Kansas Mom said...

Happy birthday, Anthony!