Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Silver Dollar City, Day One

We decided to take the kids to Silver Dollar City on our vacation to Branson.  Neither Dan nor I had ever been there so it was new to all of us.  What a fun place!  We got our tickets online ahead of time, and were able to get buy one day, get the second day free, which helped it seem not quite so expensive.

We rode the tram from the parking lot to the entrance.   We could have paid to park closer, but the paid parking really wasn't very close either. 
It was a little tricky getting on the tram as we had to fold up the stroller and get all the stuff on, and they had a rule that kids could not sit on either side, only in the middle. The rows weren't big enough for all us, so we didn't have enough adults to surround the kids. So here you can see some random person coming to sit next to Anne. 

We made it to the entrance!  It was nice to have our tickets ahead of time, as we were able to just walk right in to the ticket takers.

Everyone there was dressed in 1870s(I think) attire.  We got to watch a lot of demonstrations.  Here these ladies are making peanut brittle.  Of course, the best part was getting to try a sample!

The kids got to stand up high to see. 

We went to a live, action-packed show with all kinds of crazy stunts.  It was great!  The kids really liked it.

Of course, there are lots of rides.  The first ride the kids went on was a big roller coaster!  I took the four big kids and we did not have to wait in line at all.  I was a little worried they would get scared, but they all loved it. 

We all rode on the train which went around a big chunk of Silver Dollar City.  It was a good way to check out some of the other areas.

Oh, no!  The train got hijacked by some train robbers!  A fun little performance.

Waiting for a magic show.

Catherine got to be the magician's assistant!

Riding on the carousel.

All the kids got to ride this one by themselves.  Anthony was 37 inches, so he was over that critical 36 inches at which kids could ride many of the rides, either by themselves or with an adult.

The first day we were there got hot, so Dan took the kids on the RiverBlast.  This was a fun ride where you ride on a raft armed with water guns.  You can shoot at targets and at people close by.  But, the people can shoot back with water guns on the sides of the waterway.  So I got to have a water fight with the kids.  It was fun! 

After the kids got off, they ran around shooting water at people riding on the rafts.

To be continued...

By the way, if you ever go to Silver Dollar City and have a smart phone, there is a free SDC app.  I found it very helpful when we were there to find out more information about the various rides and which ones would be appropriate for our kids, because you couldn't always tell. 

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