Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fun With Family

Catherine with my niece and goddaughter, Emily.

 During the 4th of July weekend, we were able to go up to first Topeka for a family reunion with my mom's sisters and their families, then up to the Kansas City area for my Dad's 70th birthday party.

The girls especially enjoyed the new kittens at my parents' house.

My Dad and Mom.

My parents with all 15 of their grandchildren.  It was quite a feat to get them all in the picture.

There was a photographer taking pictures, so I just snapped these from the side.  I cut Dominic in half, but you can mostly see everyone.  Nine boys, six girls.  The oldest is 10, the youngest 9 months.  It gets a little crazy when we are all there. :)

Anne with her godfather, my brother, Eric.

Picnic on my parents' front porch.  Anne, cousin Andrew, Joseph, cousin Thomas.

Catherine and Dominic dig in.

William and Patrick, the oldest two grandchildren.  Patrick is my godson.

Grandpa was "surprised" with a birthday cake. 

The birthday boy!  He doesn't look 70, does he!

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