Thursday, November 20, 2008

Time to Make Something!

Sometimes, when I am feeling brave (crazy?), I make something with all of the kids. They all love it and they all want to get up high so they can see. They pull over chairs and climb up and it is definitely a learning experience in how to share. Now though, Joseph wants to get in on the action:
So, we try this:
And it usually works for a little while. But, suddenly the space I have in which to work has gotten very small. Oh, it is a challenge.
In these pictures I think we were making banana bread.
The other challenge when cooking with little kids (besides all the safety stuff!) is that everyone wants to lick everything. "I want to taste it!" I've gotten the three older ones trained not to lick anything until I say they can, but I'm working on it with Joseph. Flour, shortening, you name it, he'll try it. He thinks it is a fun game. So, when I am done mixing, I have to deal with who gets what: spatula, bowl, mixing blade. Here Dominic is sharing with Joseph. I don't know why his eyes are closed. Maybe he doesn't want to see Joseph biting his thumb! Just kidding, that didn't happen.
Joseph had to come back and check to see if all the batter was really gone:

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Dawnie said...

I've got a small kitchen, too. Not much room for 4 kids to pull up chairs and help with cooking! If I'm going to let them help mix something up, I put all the ingredients and measuring spoons and cups on the dining room table. We have more space to spread things out there.